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Liquid Habitat designs bespoke fish tanks that meet the specific demands and expectations of a range of clients. From residential to commercial aquarium installations, we provide a specialist, custom and personal service. We work meticulously, ensuring every client’s vision is brought to life, no matter what size of custom fish tank you desire.

Once we have installed the bespoke fish tank, we offer a professional aquarium maintenance service. This allows our clients to enjoy the pleasure of owning a bespoke fish tank, without having to personally manage the tank and its inhabitants. We do it all for you, so you can relax in the knowledge that your bespoke aquarium will be maintained to optimal conditions.

Liquid Habitats Bespoke Fish Tank Services:

  • Aquarium Design
  • Custom Fish Tanks
  • Luxury Aquarium Installation
  • Aquarium Maintenance Service
  • Aquascaping & Aquarium Redesign
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Aquarium maintenance

bespoke fish tank maintenance services

Aquarium Maintenance is essential in any bespoke fish tank. Cleaning your custom fish tank isn't just about keeping the glass or decor visibly clean. Over time harmful chemicals will build up within the aquarium, which are toxic to its inhabitants. These harmful chemicals are removed by changing a percentage of the water within the aquarium. If your bespoke fish tank isn't maintained properly fish can suffer and other livestock such as coral and plants will deteriorate.

Liquid Habitats Professional Maintenance Services:

  • Complete Water Change to Remove Nitrates
  • Full Algae Removal & Glass Clean
  • Gravel Vacuum to Remove any Fish Waste and Detritus
  • Filtration Maintenance
  • Full Equipment Servicing
  • All Essential Food and Chemicals are Included In our Monthly Plans
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call out
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bespoke aquarium installation & fish tank design

When it comes to selecting the design for your bespoke aquarium installation, we pride ourselves in our ability to match your custom fish tank with your home or office seamlessly. Every custom aquarium installation we create is bespoke and built around our clients brief. Liquid Habitat works closely with their clients to discover what custom fish tank system would work best for their space, budget and goals.

Liquid Habitats Bespoke Fish Tank Design & Aquarium Installation Services:

  • Freshwater Wood & Rock Aquarium Installation
  • Freshwater Planted Aquarium Installation
  • Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium Installation
  • Saltwater Reef Aquarium Installation
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"The team at Liquid Habitat have been very helpful. I really enjoy my tank and they have made the whole process very simple. They were able to guide me with the best selection of fish for my tank and have created a wonderful valley like design that has really brought my living room to life. My tank is a massive talking point to everyone I show it to."
Aquarium installation London

"Liquid Habitat have been extremely helpful throughout the entire process of our build. Both the owners Liam and Daniel made sure our vision was both logistically possible and well suited for the fish, we have welcomed Liquid Habitats professional advice and help"
Aquarium installation London

"Liquid Habitat have been maintaining my home aquariums for a few months now. I don't have the time to manage my fish tanks and Liquid Habitat have been extremely efficient and professional. I would highly recommend"
Aquarium installation London

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    Liquid Habitat are expert in fish tank design and aquarium installation. Liquid Habitat builds and install glass and acrylic custom fish tank exhibits. Liquid Habitats expert logistics team, installation and design teams work collaboratively to ensure every build is installed and designed in line with the clients original plans and vision.

    See Our Aquarium Installation Process:

    • Discovery Meeting
    • Aquarium Design Stage
    • Aquarium Build Stage
    • Aquarium Installation
    • Aquarium Maintenance
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    custom aquarium Design, freshwater & marine

    Liquid Habitat work with clients all over the UK creating and installing bespoke fish tanks. Liquid Habitat is based in South East London and the majority of our clients are based in London. However, our team is always willing to travel to your location to discus, plan and construct your bespoke aquarium.

    Liquid Habitat works with clients all over the UK providing luxury custom aquariums and professional aquarium maintenance services. Liquid Habit handles every stage of your new aquarium installation from initial design to tailored monthly aquarium maintenance plans. Liquid Habitat.

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