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Liquid Habitat was founded from a long lasting passion for Aquatic life, nature and fish tank design. Liquid Habitat has a vision of bringing people closer to the natural world by creating nature inspired aquatic exhibits. Liquid Habitat believes nature should be prominent in day-to-day life.

Liquid Habitats founders have traveled across the globe to visit fish farms, fish breeders and partake in fish tank design competitions. Every bespoke Aquarium Liquid Habitat creates is custom. The team will hand select materials, décor and livestock to match our clients vision. You have the imagination, we have the tools to bring it to life.


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There are many reasons why you should have a bespoke aquarium in your residence or office. The obvious reason is aesthetics; a custom built aquarium carefully designed and professionally installed by Liquid Habitat will transform the overall ambiance of any room.

Many scientific studies on the effects of nature contact in the workplace proved that there is a direct link between contact with nature, and decreased stress and health complaints. One significant form of connection with the natural environment, which the studies promote, is keeping an aquarium in your office.

Aquariums have also shown to have many health benefits; they reduce stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Imagine coming home to relax in front of your aquarium, in the comfort of your own home at the end of the day. Our clients enjoy the serenity that our bespoke fish tanks provide.

We believe having contact with nature is becoming ever more important in this urban world, as it seems to be slowly slipping out of reach from everyday life. Aquariums have been a main connection between us and nature across the globe for generations.

Remember that time you stared into an aquarium? You can feel that connection with nature and want to go back for more.