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Once all custom aquarium dimensions and requirements have been established with the client. The team begins the creation and structural development of the custom fish tank. We have a wide range of different styles and options available for our clients to match any interior.

Liquid Habitat uses low Iron glass in their custom bespoke fish tanks. This provides the owner of the aquarium with a much clearer viewing of the tanks inhabitants.

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Liquid Habitat offer luxury fish tanks that are built to match our clients space. A popular choice for our clients is the bespoke wall aquarium.

There are many reasons why wall fish tanks have become a popular choice for a home or office aquarium. One of the reasons for wall aquariums becoming increasingly popular is style. Wall aquariums can act as room divider that breaks up an open space, this is a great feature in most homes and offices. In effect, the wall aquarium is a wall with a living window.

Another reason why bespoke wall fish tanks are a good option for the home or office is space. Wall aquariums are completely contained within the the wall itself. This gives the option of having a large custom fish tank in your home or business without compromising on floor space like a traditional cabinet style aquarium.

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Aquariums have also shown to have many health benefits; they reduce stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Imagine coming home to relax in front of your bespoke aquarium, in the comfort of your own home at the end of the day. Our clients enjoy the serenity that our aquariums provide. We have installed bespoke fish tanks in apartment blocks, basements and rented property and we have a structural engineer to oversea the build and its feasibility if necessary.

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Liquid Habitats commercial bespoke fish tanks create a sense of serenity and tranquillity, which isn't usually present in many offices or commercial spaces. Our commercial aquarium installations are great for receptions, meeting rooms and client facing areas. We have found our office fish tanks create a relaxing environment for employees and clients.

Many scientific studies on the effects of nature contact in the workplace proved that there is a direct link between contact with nature, and decreased stress and health complaints. One significant form of connection with the natural environment, which the studies promote, is keeping an aquarium in your office.

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In some cases where we are unable to safely get your bespoke fish tank into the property we are able to send in our team to build your custom aquarium on site. Building your luxury bespoke fish tank on site enables us to overcome any logistical problems and gives our clients more scope when it comes to selecting the size of their bespoke aquarium. This service is perfect for larger custom aquarium installations.