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Aquarium design

NATURAL fish tank design & aquarium installation

The Freshwater Wood & Rock system is an ideal choice for a stunning minimalist style fish tank design. In this bespoke fish tank setup no aquatic plants are used, the layout only features wood, rock and fish.

This type of custom aquarium is recommended if you like a natural looking fish tank. In the freshwater Wood & Rock system, the colours of the fish contrast against the plain tones of the hardscape, which in turn creates an extremely beautiful aesthetic experience.

Usually fish used in this setup would originate from South American river basins or African rift lakes.

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Benefits of
‍‍wood & rock

why is a freshwater wood & rock aquarium installation great?

The Wood & Rock aquarium installation is a great style to consider when selecting your custom aquarium. This fish tank design is a classic setup that keeps things simple and stylish. In this particular aquarium design only fish, wood, rock and sand is used. Our Freshwater Wood & Rock bespoke fish tank is a great option if you are looking to keep larger predatory fish or plant eating fish. Fish like Piranhas, African Cichlids, Angelfish are a common choice in this setup.

The Wood and Rock aquarium is our most simplistic setup as no live plants are used. This bespoke aquarium setup is our most affordable option.

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