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fish tank design & blueprints

Liquid Habitat abides by a strict routine when creating bespoke fish tanks. Working closely with our clients we establish what type and style of custom aquarium you are looking for. Our clients are provided with high end virtual blueprints of the aquarium design inside the office or residence. Liquid Habitat conducts on site inspections to assess the logistics of the aquarium installation. Our team of expert fish tank designers will then collaboratively ensure the finished exhibit is everything our clients desire.

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Wood & Rock
aquarium System

Natural Bespoke aquarium design

Freshwater Wood & Rock systems are an ideal choice for a stunning minimalist style bespoke aquarium. In this setup no aquatic plants are used, the layout only features wood, rock and fish.

This type of bespoke fish tank is recommended if you like a natural looking aquarium. In the freshwater Wood & Rock system, the colours of the fish contrast against the plain tones of the hardscape, which in turn creates an extremely beautiful aesthetic experience.

Usually fish used in this setup would originate from South American river basins or African rift lakes.

aquarium system

bespoke Planted Aquarium installations

The craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones and wood in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium is known as aquascaping. We offer a wide range of custom aquascaping designs from island style layouts, to submerged Japanese inspired forests.

Inside a bespoke fish tank plants come with an array of benefits. The plants provide the aquariums inhabitants with natural hiding spaces, making sure they are comfortable inside the aquarium. One of the most important roles of aquatic plants is the natural filtration they provide for the fish tank. Aquarium plants are extremely beneficial to the fish tank and not only visually improve the aesthetic of the fish tank, but they will also absorb the harmful chemicals produced by fish waste.

fish only
aquarium system

custom Saltwater fish only Aquarium Installation

Saltwater Fish Only aquariums are visually outstanding and are an exciting opportunity to explore the saltwater marine side of keeping fish. One of the most challenging aspects of saltwater aquariums is keeping live corals. In Fish Only Systems live coral is not present, so this doesn’t fully replicate the natural environment of reef dwelling saltwater fish. One of the main benefits of selecting this type of bespoke fish tank is we can select certain species that would usually eat live coral such as Puffers, Trigger fish and larger predatory fish.

coral reef
aquarium system

living coral reef Aquarium installation

Saltwater aquariums are visually mesmerizing. Keeping fish with live coral requires in depth knowledge by the team at Liquid Habitat, as livestock and coral are dependent on very specific water and lighting requirements.

Liquid Habitat has studied coral reefs in great depth and our specialists are able to replicate a natural environment for the fish and corals. When creating your bespoke fish tank our team know how to replicate; natural sun and moon patterns by ensuring the correct lighting intensity and spectrum, variable flow rates, artificial waves and stable water chemistry, which mimics the natural reefs around the world. Creating a perfect harmony of fish and corals is an art form. Your eyes will always find something new to view in this type of aquarium.