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Freshwater Aquarium Installations.

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Our Bespoke Aquariums bring the natural world to your home or office space. We offer a hassle free custom aquarium installation and tailored professional aquarium maintenance.
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Freshwater Wood
& Rock Aquarium Installation.

About the Freshwater Wood & Rock Setups.

The Freshwater Wood & Rock system is an ideal choice for a stunning minimalist style fish tank design. In this aquarium setup, no aquatic plants are used, the layout only features wood, rock and fish.

This type of custom aquarium is recommended if you like a natural looking fish tank. In the freshwater Wood & Rock system, the colours of the fish contrast against the plain tones of the hardscape, which in turn creates an extremely beautiful aesthetic experience.

Usually fish used in this setup would originate from South American river basins or African rift lakes.
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Freshwater Planted
Aquarium Installation

About the Freshwater Planted Aquarium Installation.

The craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones and wood in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium is known as aquascaping.

We offer a wide range of custom aquascaping designs from island style layouts, to submerged Japanese inspired forests. Our fish tank design team have years of experience and have been judged in various international aquarium competitions. When selecting a style of planted aquarium our designers will provide you with a number of custom designs so you can select an aquarium that suits your space.
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