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Saltwater Aquarium Installation

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Professional Saltwater Aquarium Installation.

Our Bespoke Aquariums bring the natural world to your home or office space. We offer a hassle free custom aquarium installation and tailored professional aquarium maintenance.
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Saltwater Fish Only
Aquarium Design.

About our Fish Only Aquarium Setups

Saltwater Fish Only aquariums are visually outstanding and are an exciting opportunity to explore the saltwater marine side of keeping fish. One of the most challenging aspects of saltwater aquariums is keeping live corals.

In Fish Only Systems live coral is not present, this results in a less demanding aquarium. In a fish only system we do not have to monitor the very specific water parameters that live corals require. One of the main benefits of selecting this type of bespoke fish tank is we can select certain species that would usually eat live coral such as Puffers, Trigger fish and larger predatory fish.
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Saltwater Coral Reef
Aquarium Design.

About our Coral Reef Aquarium Setups.

Saltwater aquariums are visually mesmerising. Keeping fish with live coral requires in depth knowledge by the team at Liquid Habitat, as livestock and coral are dependent on very specific water and lighting requirements.

A reef aquarium requires appropriately intense lighting, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than fish-only marine aquariums and careful consideration is given to which reef animals are appropriate and compatible with each other.

Liquid Habitat has studied coral reefs in great depth and our specialists are able to replicate a natural environment for the fish and corals. When creating your bespoke fish tank our team know how to replicate; natural sun and moon patterns by ensuring the correct lighting intensity and spectrum, variable flow rates, artificial waves and stable water chemistry, which mimics the natural reefs around the world. Creating a perfect harmony of fish and corals is an art form. Your eyes will always find something new to view in this type of saltwater aquarium.
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