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Bespoke Aquarium Installations.

Bespoke Aquarium Installation & Design.

Looking for an aquarium? We build bespoke aquariums complete with all required equipment, livestock and optional after installation professional aquarium maintenance.
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Why Choose a Custom Aquarium?

What's our Process?

We've made a custom aquarium installation simple and easy.

We work with you to capture your vision, whether that’s its just a basic concept or a very specific Aquarium design, we work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the finished aquarium display is everything you visualised.


Liquid Habitat conducts on site inspections to assess the logistics of the aquarium installation. Our team of expert fish tank designers will then collaboratively ensure the finished exhibit is everything our clients desire.


This is where we assess the interior decor placement within your bespoke aquarium. Our team of aquarium designers will provide you with various styling options; from freshwater underwater forests to saltwater natural reef setups, we will ensure your vision is captured.


The team begins the creation and structural development of the custom fish tank. We have a wide range of different styles and options available for our clients to match any interior.


Liquid Habitats professional fish tank design team will work on creating the aquarium interior to match the clients brief before finally adding the desired livestock. A typical bespoke fish tank usually takes between 2-5 days to install depending on size and type of aquarium.

What Do We Offer?

From Aquarium Installation to Aquarium Maintenance.

Bespoke Freshwater Aquariums

We offer a wide range of freshwater aquarium styles, from island style layouts, to submerged nature inspired forests.

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Custom Saltwater Aquariums

Creating a perfect harmony of fish and corals is an art form. Your eyes will always find something new to view in this type of saltwater aquarium!

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Aquarium Maintenance

We offer a personalised aquarium maintenance service that caters for your  fish tank and its inhabitants.

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