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Professional Aquarium
Maintenance Service

We offer a professional, personalised aquarium maintenance service that caters for your fish tank and its inhabitants.
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What's Included In Our Aquarium Maintenance Service?

Professional Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Tank Cleaning Service

  • Water Change
    to remove Nitrates & Pollutants
  • Full Algae Removal
    & Glass Clean
  • Removal of any
    Fish Waste and Detritus
  • Equipment Servicing
  • 24 Hour Emergency
    Call Out
  • All Essential Food and Chemicals are Included in our Monthly Plans

Fish Tank
Cleaning Service

Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service.

Our professional aquarium maintenance service is available for one off service or on a regular ongoing basis. Regular aquarium maintenance ensures a healthy, sustainable environment for your fish and livestock, our dedicated team of aquarium experts will oversee this ongoing process.

Our professional aquarium maintenance team have years of experience dealing with a large variety of issues. Are you having issues with:
- Unsightly Algae
- Fish Disease
- Loss of Livestock
- Cloudy or Murky Aquarium Water
- Equipment Breakage
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Professional Aquarium
Maintenance Services.

Why Choose our Aquarium Maintenance Service?

Aquarium Maintenance is essential in any fish tank. It isn't just about keeping the glass or decor visibly clean. Over time harmful toxins will build up within the aquarium, which can be deadly to its inhabitants. These harmful toxins are removed by changing a percentage of the water within the aquarium. If your fish tank isn't maintained sufficiently fish will suffer and other livestock such as coral and plants will also begin to deteriorate.

Over the years we have constructed many bespoke aquariums and we pride ourselves in our after installation aquarium maintenance service to keep our displays pristine and impressive. Sometimes the thought of aquarium maintenance can be daunting. We offer a personalised aquarium maintenance service that caters for your fish tank and its inhabitants. Liquid Habitat works around you and your schedule. We offer various aquarium maintenance plans that provide one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits to service your home or office aquarium.
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Your Local Fish Tank
Cleaning Service.

Your go-to Fish Tank Cleaning Company

Our Aquarium Maintenance service is available in London and surrounding areas. We are based in South East London but we have a large network of aquariums we service nationwide.

Our unrivalled team of trained aquarium experts have extensive experience in servicing freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. This is the reason why we have become the go-to aquarium maintenance companies in the UK. We work with a huge range of clients, from restaurants, offices, banks, private residences, shops, care homes, hotels, spas and company headquarters.
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What Do We Offer?

From Bespoke Aquarium Installation to Complete Setups.

We've made keeping an aquarium simple and easy.

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