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Our Eco Habitat Package Aquarium Setups.

Complete Setups Installed by our Experts.

Looking for an aquarium without the hassle? We offer aquarium packages complete with all required equipment & livestock. Installed by our team, in your home or office.
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Freshwater Tank Packages
Prices from £3,995
Decor & Live Plants
Tailored Maintenance Manual
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Reef Tank Packages
Prices from £4,995
Fish & coral
Tailored Maintenance Manual
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Our Eco Range aquariums include: High clarity glass aquarium, cabinet, delivery, installation by our team, full aquascape service, equipment and livestock.
All of our Eco Range aquariums are made from highly polished,
low iron high clarity glass.
Low Iron Clarity Glass

Our aquariums are constructed with low iron glass allowing for a clearer view into your aquarium.

Custom Finish
Aquarium Cabinet

Each cabinet is built to last. Cabinet features soft close doors and are available in 16 colours to match your interior.

Pipework & Advanced External Filtration

Our aquarium setups include advanced filtration system with pipework included.

High Spec Controllable
Plant Grow LED's

We use high quality Kessil™ lighting on all of our setups to allow for optimal plant growth, system health and overall aesthetic.

Filtration Hardware

Each install includes all filtration equipment including return pumps, skimmers, refugium, filter socks and more.

Interior Decor

Our aquarium design team will scape the interior of your aquarium using natural rock, wood, plants & gravel to create a underwater landscape.


Choose a livestock package for your nature aquarium and we will deliver them to your door when the aquarium is setup and ready.

Food & Essential

Each setup includes food and required chemicals needed to ensure a healthy system.

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Choose your Aquarium Size, Cabinet Colour and Fish.
Arrange Delivery and Installation
Our Team of Designers will Install, Setup & Aquascape your Aquarium
Our Team will hand deliver your fish 4-6 weeks after installation
Optional Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service
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Common Questions

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UK Built Aquariums
All of our custom aquariums are build and designed here in the UK.
Entry - Advanced Pricing
We offer aquarium packages from small setups to a full custom service.
Free Delivery
We offer free delivery to all of our customers inside the UK across all of our products & services.
Quality Products
We only use the highest quality products in all of our setups.

Do you have a Custom Aquarium project in mind?

Whether you're looking for a fully custom aquarium or a fully set up, designed and installed stand alone aquarium. We cover a wide range of options from both high end freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
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